About me



Stella Zozi is a Greek visual artist and a graduate of Glasgow School of Art.

Her artistic practice is seized by a mythical and ethereal atmosphere, like scenes from tales and dreams in which humans are interconnected with nature. She draws inspiration from her homeland and seeks to embody the Mediterranean landscape with in her practice.


I would place my artistic style in the field of expressionism since I aim to communicate a feeling and a state of existence rather than a reality or a tangible meaning. Intuitive painting and Automatism are practises that dominate my work.


My best work transpires when I cease to care about how the artwork “should” look like, and I simply follow my instinct. When I think of a landscape, I see a constant movement which I try to communicate through energetic gestural brush marks and textural techniques.


My work is deeply influenced by my Greek background and especially by the Mediterranean landscapes. With my recent practice I have been exploring notions like memories, dreams and heritage. Having in my possession photographs taken by my ancestors from around the 40s-70s I have been contemplating about my own past and my heritage. These photographs have influenced my work and have become an integral part of my practise. My work focuses on the internal exploration of my past.