Stella Zozi is a Greek visual artist and a graduate of Glasgow School of Art.

Her artistic practice is seized by a mythical and ethereal atmosphere, like scenes from tales and dreams in which humans are interconnected with nature. She draws inspiration from her homeland and seeks to embody the Mediterranean landscape in her practice.


As a painter and a printmaker, I find myself shifting between figuration, the abstract, and the place connecting the two. Intuitive painting and automatism are practises that characterize my work. My recent intuitive monoprints are inspired by the Rorschach test. I intended to create a series of artworks that would appear abstract at first but the longer the viewer pays attention to them images start to take shape. As a starting point I had some photographs taken by my ancestors between the 40s-70s that had always been influencing my practice thought the years. I didn’t intend to copy the images but rather keep certain shapes and get rid of all the unnecessary details. I don’t want the viewer to understand the image behind the print, I’m much more interested in them finding different meanings and images though these monoprints and focus more on general perception and less on what we see. I call my recent work intuitive because of the nature of monoprinting, it requires faster pace than other printmaking techniques and that forces me to take actions that come from a very intuitive place that doesn’t require a lot of rational decisions.


My work is deeply influenced by my Greek background and especially by the Mediterranean landscapes. With my recent practice I have been exploring notions like memories, dreams and heritage. Having in my possession photographs taken by my ancestors from around the 40s-70s I have been contemplating about my own past and my heritage. These photographs have influenced my work and have become an integral part of my practise. My work focuses on the internal exploration of my past.